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UPDATE: Willow Springs Property Update

Public Bid Opening Held January 11, 2023

The Lyons Township High School District 204 Board of Education is engaged in a process to sell the district’s Willow Springs property.

LT held the bid opening on Wednesday, January 11, 2023. The board received two bids—one for $46.5 million from ProLogis, Inc., and one for $55 million from Bridge Industrial, Inc. Throughout the next several days, the Board’s counsel will complete a legal review to ensure all requirements are met. Pending the legal review, the Board will potentially consider the final bid at an upcoming meeting.  


The Willow Springs property is located near 79th Street and Willow Springs Road, and was purchased by the District in two separate parcels in 1955 and 1962.


As outlined in the District’s recently adopted strategic plan, LTHS has a goal to allocate the resources necessary to maximize success for all students, and proceeds from the potential property sale would contribute to demonstrable progress toward achieving this goal. The  Board of Education believes that upgrading existing LTHS facilities to better meet 21st century education needs would positively affect students.

Willow Springs Property Sale.png

The proceeds from this potential sale would go toward key investments and upgrades to LT's facilities, as prioritized in the District’s Strategic Plan. Results from a facility assessment conducted in January 2021, and initial feedback from a community-engaged facilities study conducted in Fall 2022 have begun to highlight community priorities. Future facilities efforts would likely center on items such as: ​

  • Modernization of existing classrooms to meet 21st century learning needs

  • Development of additional collaborative spaces for students and staff

  • Accessibility and life safety upgrades

  • Improvements and additions to student and community athletic and wellness facilities

  • Upgrades to HVAC systems and further installation of air conditioning for improved temperature control


It is also important to note that, based upon the most recent enrollment study conducted in August, 2022, the District has determined that the Willow Springs property will not be needed for future school expansion. To review the latest enrollment study, please click here.


This webpage will serve as a communication channel for our community to learn more about the potential sale of the Willow Springs property.

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